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The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments. Most of the songs you listen to have some guitar effects in it. It is a stringed instrument you can learn and understand easily. There are music schools and several online platforms where you can learn to play the guitar.

Fender Play is a popular platform offering guitar lessons online. You can also learn other things like playing bass, ukulele, and songs through the platform.

It is an ideal option to pick, especially during this quarantine period, when many have been urged to do most of their things from home. Learning to play guitar online is not that difficult task. It is a great option that will help you understand how to play the instrument better.

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Some of the options you can utilize to know how to play guitar online include video tutorials, audio, and texts. Fender Play is one of the latest online platforms where you can train yourself on how to play guitar.

Fender Play Features

The following are features you are going to enjoy when you choose Fender Play guitar lessons.

More Genres to CoverYou will get lessons covering a wide range of genres on Fender Play. Styles you will get when you choose Fender Play guitar lessons include:

  • Folk
  • Blues
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Country

When signing up on Fender Play, one thing you are required to do is to fill a form containing different information. The information you key in helps the app or platform understand your preferred genre and the kind of instrument you love most. Creating a custom curriculum with lessons from instructors covering what you plan to learn will be a lot easier when you provide the right information during registration.

Fender Play also has lessons for both acoustic and electric guitars. Giving out the correct information during registration will help you get the right instrument that can be used for different genres.

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Difficulty Levels Advancement

This is an essential aspect for beginners or anyone who wishes to understand how to play the guitar. To become a better guitar player, you have to go through different steps. Fender Play guitar lessons have made it easier for beginners and other people interested in learning how to play this stringed instrument.

There are various options for beginners to intermediate players. You have to begin with a level 1 video that explains all the basics of the guitar. Some of the information you will get from the video include how to set up and use your guitar.You can then learn as you proceed to different levels.

You can learn everything in a matter of weeks if you are talented and eager to know how to play this instrument. Lessons offered include:

  • Basic
  • Exercises
  • Chords
  • Theory
  • Techniques
  • Tone

Learning various tones helps you understand how to set up your guitar to get a particular sound. You will also learn how to combine different effects and when to use them.


Regular Playing Encouragement

Practice mode and Streaks are certain features that were recently introduced on Fender Play. The Practice Mode feature is one that lets you learn how to play at your preferred understanding pace. It can be used with the metronome and auto-scrolling tablature. Streaks are designed to ensure you are engaged all the time, and you are using the app more often. You will find yourself watching more videos when you open the Fender Play app.

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Available Tools

Fender Play app has a variety of tools that ensure you have a smooth time as you take your guitar lessons online. One of the most notable tools on the platform is the online guitar tuner that works perfectly on various devices. Another tool you can use is the Fender Tone amp controller that lets you modify your amp with your smartphone or tablet.

Pricing & Discounts

Fender Play is one of the most affordable platforms where you can learn to play guitar online. You will enjoy a complete subscription of $9.99 a month, which lets you access the bass and ukulele options. If you decide to enroll for a year, you will enjoy your lessons at a discounted rate of $89.99. This comes with free tutorials, video guides, eBooks, and different learning materials that will help you learn how to play the guitar.

You will get a 20% discount when you register for the Fender Play newsletter and opt for a subscription plan. What you should understand is that most discounts are tailored for those on the yearly plan. Fender Play can use your information for marketing purposes.

14-Day Free Trial

This particular option has simplified a lot of things for those who are interested in learning how to play the guitar. Initially, Fender Play had a 30-day free trial period, which was later reduced to 14 days. The 14-day free trial period is meant to help you understand different basics that will help you become a better guitar player. You will also have an idea of how this app or platform works and whether you can carry on with your registration.

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Benefits of Fender Play Online Guitar Lessons

There are several benefits you get to enjoy when you choose Fender Play for your online guitar lessons. They include:

  • High-Quality Videos

Videos on Fender Play are shot with high-quality cameras from multiple angles. You will also enjoy split-screen visuals, which is vital for your learning. Different aspects you need to understand for your guitar learning experience can be easily seen in these videos. A perfect example is finger placement. You should choose Fender Play for high-quality videos for your learning.More Learning ToolsYou will have access to different learning tools and resources on Fender Play. Free apps like Tune and Tone and other learning content can help you understand how to play the guitar easily. There are also a couple of articles on the platform you can read and understand the basics of playing this particular instrument. You will even know how to pick the right guitar.

  • Convenience

It is a great benefit you can enjoy when you choose Fender Play for your online guitar lessons. You will learn how to play the instrument from the comfort of your home or anywhere you wish. A busy schedule should not worry you because you can always set aside time to go through different tutorials and other learning materials that will help you become a better guitar player.

  • More Instructors

Fender Play has multiple instructors who can help you learn to play guitar online. They will create numerous lessons for you, gauge your progress, and also hold live sessions. Instructors are professional guitar players who will help you understand everything needed to play this particular instrument.

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Fender Play vs. Other Online Guitar Lessons Platforms

Several other platforms also offer online guitar lessons. Guitar Tricks is one perfect example. It is quite expensive compared to Fender Play. Guitar Tricks has two subscription plans, which include $19.99 a month and $179.99 a year.

It is costly compared to Fender Play's plan of $9.99 monthly and $89.99 yearly. JamPlay is the other alternative to Fender Play. The big difference between the two is that JamPlay has more content as compared to Fender Play.

Fender Play is a great app and platform for beginner guitar players. Its affordable plans make it ideal for those who want to learn how to play the instrument. You can also discontinue your membership at any given moment. If you wish to become a better guitar player from scratch, then Fender Play is the right option.  

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